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New Year’s Resolutions in JULY?!

It’s July already and time for a RESTART! If your New Year’s Resolutions are like most people’s, you left them behind in January. Don’t worry! July is the perfect time for a restart and you still have half a year left! Last week on Twitter (, I posted 5-Days Of Goal Setting. I wanted to post a recap here: ➤ Think about the different areas of your life where you might want to create goals. Career Family Relationships […]

Will You Be Caught Off Guard?

What Do Microsoft, GM, and HP Have In Common? They were all founded during US recessions. What does that mean for you? Well, it suggests that even if the economy is headed into recession, there will be new opportunities if you plan and keep your eyes open. But sometimes we fail to see opportunities because we don’t take time to reflect on all of the skills and experiences that have brought us to where we are today. […]

Is Self-Doubt Stopping You?

Are You Feeling Stuck? Have You Been Sidetracked While Working Toward Your Goals? Today’s the day to stop focusing on the upcoming recession and start focusing on your goals and how to notice the opportunities that arise in your industry, sector, or profession!. But if you are like me, self-sabotage may creep in. You may procrastinate, and think things like: “Well, I’ll write that book someday, start that Etsy shop when the weather’s cooler, switch […]

Celebrate Your Failures

Do you hide your failures or do you celebrate them? I used to hide my failures and try not to think about them, but then I started to journal. Now I don’t journal about my life (it’s not that interesting); instead, I journal about ideas. As I wrote, sketched, and reflected on things that went better than planned and things that didn’t work, I found gems that led to better ideas. My journal became about […]