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IPR Interview with Dr. Michele Williams on Trust

Dr. Michele Williams interviewed by Ben Kieffer River to River, Iowa Public Radio – “The Future of Work” The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped our lives. Social distancing has meant shutting down all kinds of events and gatherings, closing churches and stores and limiting restaurants to take-out only service. Many of us have been encouraged or required to work from home. Perhaps you are now a new at home worker, making that transition. Up to now […]

Trust and Betrayal

Trust and Betrayal

Do you have a difficult colleague or boss who seems determined to undermine your performance at work? Have your coworkers drawn lines in the sand between the trusted “us” and the distrusted “them”?  Do you find it difficult to get the collaborative effort you need in your workplace to accomplish goals? Drawing on over 15 years of experience researching trust and teaching conflict resolution at top universities, I will discuss research-based strategies for understanding, building […]