5 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Negotiations

This weekend, take time to reflect.

• Are you getting paid what you’re worth?
• Do you want to ask for more but are concerned about how others will react?

Having a plan helps!

When you need to negotiate, preparation is key. In William Ury’s book, “Getting Past No” he even has a prologue called “Prepare, Prepare, Prepare”!

Unfortunately, many people get backed into a negotiation or difficult conversation because they just can’t take the unfairness anymore.

Don’t let a lack of planning and these 5 things sabotage your next negotiation!

Low Aspirations – Research the market value of your skills, services, and job title before you set your aspirations. People rarely give you more than you ask for so set your aspirations high!

Not Identifying all of your Interests – Taking time to identify all of the things you value gives you more options for adding value by making tradeoffs.

Ignoring Their Perspective – Understand and asking about the other side’s interests is another way to uncover value-add tradeoffs

Not Considering Options, Contingencies, or Other Stakeholders – Remember sometimes the best option is to walk away and deal with someone else.

Not Strengthening Your BATNA – Your BATNA is your Best Alternative to a Negotiated Solution. It is what you will do if you walk away from THIS negotiation. In other words, it’s your no-deal option. The more options you have, for instance, multiple job offers or multiple cars in your price range, the more power you have

I hope these tips get you off to a great start as we head into fall.

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By Dr. Michele Williams