New Year’s Resolutions in JULY?!

It’s July already, and time for a RESTART! If your New Year’s Resolutions are like most people’s, you left them behind in January.

Don’t worry! July is the perfect time for a restart, and you still have half a year left! 

➤ Think about the different areas of your life where you might want to create goals.
  • Career
  • Family
  • Relationships
  • Personal Aspirations
  • Wellness
  • Spirituality

➤ Write down your goals in each area. Then pick your top work and top life (non-work) goal.

➤ Visualize yourself as having reached your goals (as if you are looking back on 2023).

➤ Why do you want to reach these goals? What about them is motivating?

➤ Now create a plan!

If you need help to stay focused on planning, my 12-Days of Goal-Crafting Workbook may help. You can grab a copy here:

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Dr. Michele Williams (University of Michigan, Ph.D.) is an associate professor and Henry B. Tippie Research Fellow in Entrepreneurship at the Tippie College of Business, University of Iowa. She is also a scholar with the Smith Family Business Initiative at Cornell’s Johnson College of Business.

Michele has taught negotiations to executives, startups, MBAs, and undergraduates at leading schools of management for over 15 years. She is co-author of the Four Capabilities Leadership Assessment—an online 360° assessment used by organizations to enhance the leadership potential of managers. She speaks internationally on topics related to her research on trust, sustaining high-performing work relationships, and women in business and entrepreneurship. She has been interviewed by top business publications, including Fast Company, Business Insider, and WIRED.

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