Is Self-Doubt Stopping You?

Are You Feeling Stuck?

Have You Been Sidetracked While Working Toward Your Goals?

Today’s the day to stop focusing on the upcoming recession and start focusing on your goals and how to notice the opportunities that arise in your industry, sector, or profession!.

But if you are like me, self-sabotage may creep in. You may procrastinate, and think things like:

“Well, I’ll write that book someday, start that Etsy shop when the weather’s cooler, switch industries when the economy settles down a little.”

There is always a million reason not to get into action. But some of the most persistent are feelings of self-doubt that accompany Imposter Syndrome! 


Imposter Syndrome, “also called perceived fraudulence, involves feelings of self-doubt and personal incompetence that persist despite your education, experience, and accomplishments” ( But it is important to note that an unsupportive environment, plagued by incivility can also cause you to doubt your abilities and second guess yourself (see Harvard Business Review Article,) “Stop telling women they have Imposter Syndrome.”

Imposter Syndrome May Show Up As Self-Doubt.

Your inner critic may ask:


Imposter Syndrome May Show Up In Your Life As:

  1. Perfectionism:
    Do you “focus primarily on how you do things, often to the point where you demand perfection of yourself in every aspect of life”?

  2. People-Pleasing:
    Do you feel that you must be everything to everyone and take on extra work or community service to prove that you deserve the recognition you’ve received?

  3. Procrastination:
    Do you hate dealing with things that don’t come easily to you, or situations in which you might fail on your first try? Do you put off hard things to avoid feeling ashamed or embarrassed and then do rushed work or miss deadlines?

  4. Superhuman Doing:
    Are you a Superwoman or Supermom?  Do you do it all? Are you taking on extra tasks at work, at home, and in your community? Do you find yourself staying up late to complete favors to the point of exhaustion and overwhelm?

By now you are probably wondering, what can I do to overcome feelings of self-doubt? You may be engaged in negative self-talk, procrastination, or people-pleasing. You may be doing it all or striving for perfectionism.

This is where my good friend, Sheryl Anjanette, comes in.

She just released a book called,
“The Imposter Lies Within: Silence Your Inner Critic, Tame Your Fear, Unleash Your Badassery.”

In this book, you will learn about the 7 ways Imposter Syndrome can show up in your life and undermine your success. But better still, this book is filled with exercises to help you move past self-sabotaging behaviors and get on the path to achieving your goals. You can find it on Amazon!

If you are looking for more weekly support, Sheryl has a new program, “Eliminate Self Sabotage 360 with group coaching, exercises with step-by-step videos, and community support.” I have reviewed the program and am so excited to let you know about it.

By Dr. Michele Williams

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