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Sheryl Anjanette

The bridge from self-doubt to unshakable self-confidence is a journey.

This program is more than just another course.

It’s an experience that will help you go from knowing to doing, so you can increase income and impact like a ROCKSTAR!

Increase your Income and Impact Today!

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Question For You...

What if you could…
Eliminate Self-Sabotage, & Increase your Income and Impact?

Or let me rephrase that...

What if in just 6 months you could let go of self-doubt and gain unshakable self-confidence?

What if…

✓ new beliefs and behaviors become your new habits?

✓ when people compliment you, you believe them and don’t chalk it up to luck?

✓ you own your accomplishments and celebrate your success?

✓ you always feel good enough, no matter what uncertainty or change may come from left field?

If you want to eliminate self-sabotage so that you can finally enjoy the success you deserve, then


If you're ready to eliminate self-sabotage for good so you can embrace those opportunities and increase your income & impact, then I have something for you...

In this 180 day voyage, you will re-pattern and reprogram your mind to eliminate the self-sabotaging behaviors that are holding you back from your professional growth.

Each week you will have a quest, with several excursions through your blocks, fears, and limiting beliefs.

You will also have a guided tour, and a weekly interactive group call with your Mind Guide, Sheryl Anjanette. 

You will uncover and discover your blind spots, and get real about the root causes that got you to this place where you feel stuck so that you can reset those old, unhelpful patterns and get your next breakthrough!

It's within your power to change this dynamic, and change your life

Following your 90-day intensive, you will have a roadmap and a plan to ensure your long-term success.

After the 90 days, you’ll have two follow-up excursions to ensure that you’ve stayed on your path, and self-sabotage has been left in the dust!

There’s nothing more powerful than growing through this journey together. Expect support and accountability from your tribe!

Eliminate Self-Sabotage 360 

is a perfect fit for you if:

You’re tired of sabotaging yourself.

It feels like a mystery.

You’re ready to finally get to the bottom of this.


Did Someone Say Bonuses?

Yup, in addition to everything inside the Eliminate Self-Sabotage Super Quest, Dr. Michele Williams has a special early bird bonus, the Negotiating Freedom Program, to help you say "no" to things that are sabotaging your success.

🌟 SPECIAL Bonus! 🌟

Negotiating Freedom:

The Art of Saying "NO" and (YES)

💵 VALUE [$1,497.00] 💵

Regain your Time, Focus, and Power without Damaging your Relationships!

Level up your success, by saying "Yes" to less! In this program, you will learn 4 negotiation methods to take back your time, focus, and power with a confident and kind "no" so that you can get what you want and maintain your relationships!

The Experience

It’s not enough to know… transformation happens in the doing.

VIP Lounge [Vulnerability Is Progress] - For a Premiere Guest Experience

This is one of the keys to success. When you are with others, sharing success and getting encouragement, it provides a level of support and accountability that will help you stay in the game when the going gets tough. Breakthroughs await!

Mind Spa - Relax and Find Personalized Healing

This is where you can come for a little one-to-one time with a coach or hypnotherapist, or to choose a meditation that feels just right. A menu of services will be available!

Exercise Studio - For the Body, Mind & Soul

Each guided meditation, recorded by Sheryl Anjanette, will help your subconscious to find the root causes of self-sabotage, and reprogram your mind to move forward easily. Transcriptions included!

Custom App - [Priceless]

Your AWA app is where you will find everything. From your quests and excursions to all exercises, meditations, and prompts. All content is also available on a desktop or laptop!

💡What makes Eliminate Self-Sabotage 360 different?

Eliminate Self-Sabotage 360 is the first program of its kind that works from the inside-out and the outside-in, to reprogram & repattern the mind.

🐣 The end result: your breakthrough. 
Your ability to manifest those things, people, experiences, and emotions you desire with ease.

You will be guided…
It’s kind of like having a personal trainer. I will lead you through your quest, with live weekly group sessions. You’ll find the accountability factor in the group experience. This is the secret sauce to help you navigate those tricky turns and keep you in the game.

And it’s fun…


Isn’t it going to be hard? Painful?

You may be surprised, but with each mini-breakthrough, it feels like you’re unloading unwanted baggage, and becoming lighter and more joyful.

And it’s motivating to experience new opportunities with excitement instead of fear and dread. 


~ Sheryl Anjanette ~

I was the self-sabotage Queen, but I wasn’t great at admitting it. What I was good at were the stories I’d tell myself about why I didn’t do “the thing,” why I was procrastinating, people pleasing my own life away, and finding distractions wherever I could.

But then I said enough. I only have one life and I decided not to waste time anymore with excuses.

So after 30 years in the business world, executive roles, entrepreneurial ventures, and mentoring hundreds of women along the way, I did a deep dive into the healing arts.

I did my own healing first, to get past imposter syndrome and the self-sabotage that goes along with it. Then wrote a book, The Imposter Lies Within; Silence Your Inner Critic, Tame Your Fear, Unleash Your Badassery.

But my community wanted more… you deserve more!

So I’m announcing this special Voyage to share with you my signature methodology to finally eliminate self-sabotage from your life.

Why am I uniquely qualified to be your guide on this journey?

Ready? I hope you’ll join me!
(oh, and by the way, that’s my big boy Coope 😊)

~ Testimonials ~

I've worked with so many therapists and healers over the years, and Sheryl gets right to the heart of the issue. She is able to uncover the root cause and provide a path to move forward with such amazing confidence. It is a rare gift. She is a rare gift. If you can work with Sheryl, do it!
Olivia T.
Branding Specialist
Sheryl knows how to listen and lead with such spacious energy that all members of the group feel seen and heard, while not shying away from the root of an issue. If you have the opportunity to work with her, you'd be crazy not take it!
Kati Scofield
Soul Empowerment Coach

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