Negotiation Basics

Everyone negotiates from the small child demanding a lollipop or refusing vegetables to team members deciding how to divide work on a project to the senior executive meeting with her board. Yet, there is nothing basic about negotiation” Learning negotiation basics really involves understanding a core set principles and tactics that you will make your negotiations more effective and that you will continue to develop, refine and teach to others as you advance in your organization. Knowledge of Negotiation theories and tactics is a strength you bring to your workplace. “Great Leaders are Great Negotiators” (Harvard Program on Negotiation).

This blog will cover two basic types of negotiations (distributive and integrative [win-win] bargaining), key terminology, how to plan and how to avoid and leverage psychological biases. These topics may be new, a refresher, an outline for mentoring more junior colleagues or secret method for raising the bar for the effectiveness of your team collaboration.

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