Inclusive Communication

Both educational institutions and corporate organizations are striving to build Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice into their day-to-day operations; however, inclusion continues to be an elusive concept. This two-part video series strives to help faculty envision what an inclusive college classroom culture would look and feel like (Part 1) and at the same time, become aware of subtle behaviors (incivility) that can undermine inclusivity and actions that can help maintain an inclusive culture (Part II). 

Remember: ” We’re teaching a generation of students for whom these uncomfortable conversations [around diversity, equity and justice] are going to be part of their daily life.” -Dr. Michele Williams 

Inclusion Defined:

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) defines inclusion as “the achievement of an environment in which all individuals are 

  • treated fairly and respectfully 
  • have equal access to opportunities and resources 
  • can fully contribute to the organization’s success”

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Incivility to Inclusion (Part 1)

Inclusion in the College Classroom

Incivility to Inclusion (Part 2)

How Incivility Undermines Inclusion and What You Can Do About It


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