The Negotiator's Way™

How to Get What You Really Want

Master Your Negotiations

You negotiate everyday—from difficult discussions with bosses, clients, and subordinates to disagreements over project goals to lucrative raises and promotions. How can you walk away from these interactions with what you want while at the same time leaving important relationships intact?

Dr. Michele Williams

Miclot Fellow in Entrepreneurship Family Business Scholar

Negotiation Basics

Jump Start your Next Negotiation

Everyone negotiates from the small child demanding a lollipop or refusing vegetables to team members deciding how to divide work on a project to the senior executive meeting with her board. Yet, there is nothing basic about negotiation.

Women in Negotiation

Find out how and when gender matters in your workplace

I am often asked “Isn’t negotiation the same for everyone—male, female, majority group member, underrepresented minority?” I always answer “Yes and no.” There are basic and advanced skills that everyone will benefit from learning.

Trust and Betrayal

Build Trust while Navigating Conflict and Betrayal

Do you have a difficult colleague or boss who seems determined to undermine your performance at work? Have your coworkers drawn lines in the sand between the trusted “us” and the distrusted “them”?

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Advanced Negotiation

Leading Innovative, High Performing Work Relationships with Negotiation Tactics

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